chronic Illness and The Health of Your Teeth

A recent visit to the dentist left me stunned! Positive that my teeth had always been healthy, I had no doubt my check-up would be a cinch…

Five years ago I was clinically determined to have fibromyalgia, 2 herniated discs and sciatica this was after having had a D & C that resulted in a severe pelvic infection. I don’t had dental insurance and really wasn’t extremely concerned as my teeth had always been in health and well being. At one point in the life of mine I went 20 years without seeing a dentist, nevertheless, steel bite pro (additional resources) I do not recommend this to anybody, and had one cavity. At that point it was best if I have a deep cleaning as well as the hygienist decided to deep clean both upper and lower teeth in one visit, the women in the front desk explained that this was unheard of as they always plan for two visits for profound cleanings.

When I not too long ago obtained dentistry insurance and may join a dentist that I felt comfortable in seeing, I was anticipating getting my teeth cleaned and walking away with a great article. However, the dentist, which was very nice but a little grumpy, informed me that the teeth of mine happen to be complete with decay and he showed me holes which were hiding in my rear molars! Having been a devout floss er as well as brushing a minimum of twice 1 day, ate little or no sugar, drank coffee merely on occasion and had given up sodas I was in a state of shock.

The realization quickly set in that as the body of mine had become very sick and depleted, so had the health of the teeth of mine. Therefore after one root canal, two crowns, moreover five cavities filled, I want to encourage everyone that has experienced any health concerns not to wait, get your teeth examined by a professional dentist as soon as you are able to.