While YouTube has massively impacted knowledge distribution, it has flattened the learning experience for many subjects. The creators with the most success on the platform have historically taken the easy route when educating their audience. As a result, definitivamente los pondré en práctica content creators haven’t spent much time on entities until recently. Because of this, you need to learn about entities from NLP researchers, and then you need to apply the knowledge to SEO. Patents and research papers are key. Once again, this reinforces the first point above.

This article is a solution to all four problems that have prevented SEOs from fully mastering an entity-based approach to SEO.

By reading this, you’ll learn:

What an entity is and why it’s important.

The history of semantic search.

How to identify and use entities in the SERP.

How to use entities to rank web content.

Why are entities important?

Entity SEO is the future of where search engines are headed with regard to choosing what content to rank and determining its meaning.