Testosterone is Your Friend by Roger Mason

The writer starts out with a down to earth reason that testosterone is crucial, but just one hormone. And it is the proper balance of hormones that is crucial.

Also, he says that diet is more critical than hormones. This’s debatable, since diet affects the proper balance of ours of hormones. And he advises audience to exercise (no argument there), take a minimum of a dozen health supplements if over age forty, pray as well as meditate. Plus, he claims fasting is the most powerful healing technique known. And the idea of his of a great diet is macrobiotics.

And so right there most people will probably be hearing alarm bells.

One chapter handles precursors of testosterone. Here the author summarily dismisses the usefulness of muira puama, tongkat ali, zinc, Tribulus terrestis, Lepidium root, homeopathic testosterone, and any other herbal remedies.

You will find lots of other herbs and supplements sold to bring up testosterone. It would be good to find out what is the best testosterone booster supplement (just click the following webpage) he thinks of them.

The thing he does say works is Androstendione, and also goes right into a long reason of them, without dealing with their use in sports. Did Andro render Mark McGwire into a record home run slugger?

These’re now illegal in the United States, although I have no doubt it is possible for many individuals to get it.

He does point out that while such hormones as DHEA are legal in the United States, in countries like Canada they possession is justification for a prison sentence.