Retractable Banners

Retractable banners are a versatile and easy-to-use marketing tool for any business. With their lightweight design, easy portability and top quality graphics, our retractable banners can be used at trade shows, conferences, public relations events and much more. You do not need a team to assemble them: they can be set up in moments by just one person. They can easily be moved from place to place, and they have the stability to stay standing in areas with high foot traffic, proudly displaying your message. Best of all, they take up very little floor space, making them an ideal choice for small spaces such as trade show booths and entry foyers.

Retractable banners
vinyl banner grommets

Vinyl Banner Grommets

Vinyl banner grommets are an essential feature for banners that are being hung from walls, fences or other permanent structures. Along with the banners themselves, the grommets are designed to withstand all weather conditions from blistering heat to strong winds and rain. With Saskprint’s quality guarantee, you will never again have to worry about vinyl banner grommets coming loose and causing damage to the banner. This sturdy hardware allows you to secure your banner to almost anything, including wall rivets, fences and scaffolding. It is built to last, and will ensure that your banner is seen close up or from a distance, both indoors and outdoors.

Banner Stands

Banner stands are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles, to suit any occasion. In addition to the retractable stands that store the banner right in the base, Saskprint offers non-retracting stands that are lightweight in design, and easy to set up and take down. These banner stands are an ideal choice for indoor venues such as conferences, corporate events, trade shows and expos. They are made of durable material and sturdy hardware that is built to last through many uses. Time after time, you will be able to display your banner in a way that flatters it the most, using a banner stand that makes your message stand out.

banner stands
backdrop banner and stand

Backdrop Banner And Stand

A backdrop banner and stand is the perfect solution for those times when bigger really is better. Whether you are assembling a trade show display or creating a photo op area at an event, a backdrop from Saskprint will make your task easier. With top quality high resolution graphics and a stand that can be used anywhere. In spite of this being a large free-standing display, the backdrop banner and stand is lightweight, adjustable and user friendly. It takes mere moments to set up or take down, and the stand collapses into a compact unit that is easily portable. This product is a great addition to the toolkit of any business that participates in trade shows and events.

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