Benefits of Hair Follicle Drug Testing

The most effective and accurate drug testing function available to employers, parents and schools will be the hair follicle drug test. While urine tests or perhaps saliva test kits are able to identify trace amounts of drugs for as much as 3 days after use, the hair follicle drug test scans the metabolites that are left in the body very long after a user has quit abusing drugs. It means that the hair follicle exam may be uses to screen for any drug use during the last 3 months, even when the subject isn’t presently using illegal substances. An excellent hair follicle drug test also can detect the presence of several common drugs, such as marijuana, prescription painkillers, opiates, methamphetamines, cocaine, and mood altering prescription drugs prescribed for psychiatric patients.

Whether you pass a drug test – – are wanting to retain the services of a brand new employee or keep the teenager safe of yours, there’s not a much better property or business testing method offered then the hair drug assessment kit. A locks drug test requires only a sample of several locks of hair to be collected and submitted for testing. While urinalysis and saliva drug tests are dependent on the metabolization rate of the subject, a fee that can easily be impacted dramatically by a wide variety of external factors, hair assessments count on metabolites stored in new growth of hair in the root. This method of examining permits greater depth, because it does not call for traces of drugs that may be expelled from the body through other means, urine, and sweat. So long as hair style continues to grow through the body the trace evidence of drug use is going to be stored in the follicles of hair. Hair drug testing can be great at preventing subjects from evading detection or perhaps fooling the test. Individuals who choose to shave their heads in advance of a hair examination can continue to be analyzed from the usage of body or pubic hair.

Individuals who need to undergo employment drug testing have determined that hair follicle drug testing is the least invasive testing technique obtainable. This is important for creating morale and keeping the trust of dedicated, drug free employees. The cost effectiveness and low employee turnover rate is a big advantage of the hair follicle test. In addition, the test systems are small in size allowing for easy storage in any office atmosphere. The hair follicle drug tests combines the ease of urinalysis testing with the non-invasive characteristics of saliva testing to create the best drug testing option for the workplace or the household.