Fetal Testosterone

Testosterone has a profound effect on the developing brain of a young male infant. Most guys equate testosterone with muscles and erections, but best testosterone booster for males over 40 (click through the up coming post) plays a number of brain functions and is crucial to their expectant or freshly born male kid.

Within the last 5 to 10 years, scientists have made one groundbreaking discovery after another in this specific area. In 2001 researchers found that fetal testosterone levels were negatively correlated with eye contact also amount genders. The latter study literally “opened the eyes” of the research world and demonstrated that testosterone affected the way the brain interacts with the earth. Additional connected traits including empathy and lowered social skills were also determined to be linked.

The importance of this cannot be emphasized enough, as it is very critical to the health as well as development of the kid of yours. Subsequent scientific studies, for example, found that (in females) a number of autistic traits correlated with fetal testosterone. Finally, in 2009 a group of investigators came to the conclusion that fetal testosterone levels were likely one of the key contributing factors to autism. A young male needs testosterone desperately, and not a lot of it.

So what may boost fetal testosterone levels? Smoking is a definite risk factor and has been revealed in animal studies to elevate fetal testosterone. One study even showed an inadequate association between smoking and autism. There simply is no reason to expose your child to nicotine and smoke. By the way, smoking is in addition a risk factor for ADHD and behavior hassles at the same time.

Low testosterone is generally equally as damaging for a male infant. Researchers have found evidence that phthalates, a common household of chemicals in plastics and air fresheners, are linked to effeminizing conduct in boys. Animal research has revealed nasty consequences from phthalates as well, including permanent reproductive problems as well as a recently available human analysis showed lower sperm counts as verification. Put simply, the destruction is likely permanent.

Much more frightening is the point that initial scientific studies show a correlation between phthalate exposure as well as schizophrenia and autism.

What can you do? Tell anyone you know who’s pregnant to avoid plastics and smoking. Recommended cooking and drinking materials are stainless steel and glass anytime possible, especially near pregnant moms and children.