Nail Fungus Laser Treatment – The very best Toenail Fungus Cure?

A recent development of nail fungus treatments is with the use of lasers. Unbelievably enough, the lasers are advertised to get rid of the fungus on the nails but actually leave the particular nail undamaged. This particular treatment type is actually getting plenty of attention with the big guys. Much love laser eye surgery is hugely common these days, so will be fungus laser therapy.

Scientific studies are still ongoing, but results do seem promising. Based on clinical studies, most participants experienced results that are positive with only one laser application. Laser therapy is pretty quick, lasting only 5-10 minutes per area. With a treatment that consists of no medication, thus no negative effects or maybe allergy problems, it’s become an extremely popular alternative for many.

The fact is that the majority of insurance companies won’t cover the costs of nail fungus laser treatment, since it’s viewed as an aesthetic treatment. Consequently those interested should cough up the three 100 to five hundred dollars.

Companies are taking notice of this new treatment. For example, Nomir Medical Technologies is certainly one such company. They are setting up a laser named “Noveon”, which will help with a number of items including nail fungus. What happens is two wavelengths of infrared light are beamed at the toenails as well as aim at killing the fungus.

Podiatrists in over 20 states are already using the latest device called the PinPointe Footlaser. This was developed by an enterprise named PathoLase. Although not approved still over the Food and Drug Administration, almost 70 podiatrists are selling it up to their patients. It is a little pricier although (depending the places you go), rates for PinPointe can rise up towards twelve hundred dollars or other things.

Nail infections for almost all people can be considered merely a cosmetic issue. However for some, toenail fungus treatment kit (washingtoncitypaper.Com) fungus can wind up causing severe health issues. This’s particularly true for those with weak immune systems and diabetes. Do not let your nail fungus go untreated, keep yourself well-informed on your options and talk to the doctor of yours too.