Promotional Products

Flyer Printing

Flyer printing is an essential service for businesses that want to rapidly increase their exposure and grow their customer base. Whether you are a new business and you need to let people know where to find you, or an existing business with a new product offering or special promotion, Saskprint’s flyer printing service will get the job done for you. Our high-resolution printers ensure that text and graphics are printed clearly, no matter how big or small the flyer. We offer a wide variety of sizes, paper options and single or double-sided printing. With our friendly customer service and our quick turnaround times, we will give you what you need, when you need it. Potential customers will be left with a great first impression of your business, product or promotion.

Brochure Printing

Brochure printing is for those times when you need to give more information than a flyer allows. Brochures are a great way to provide information about product and price lists, menu items, service descriptions and much more. Using sophisticated printing technology, Saskprint will print full colour bifold or trifold brochures that reflect the quality you are offering to your own customers. If you are planning a conference, exhibiting at a trade show or expo, or setting up a promotional display in a retail location, our brochure printing service is just what you need. We guarantee quick turnaround at an affordable price.

Mug Printing

Mug printing is a growing choice for people who want to promote their businesses in a more permanent format than flyers or brochures. Everyone loves a cup of tea or coffee – why not let them drink it from a mug that displays your company name and logo? Whether the mugs are being used in the corporate kitchen, sold as swag at trade shows or events, or given to employees or customers as gifts, they are a useful item that everybody will love. Our mug printing service can handle any logo or graphic. The mugs are durable and your company logo will not fade over time.

Custom Phone Cases

Custom phone cases are the perfect addition to your promotional toolkit in this day and age. Almost everybody uses a Smartphone for many aspects of daily life, from simple text messages to important video conference calls. Most of us would be lost without our phones. Many of us would not be able to function effectively. With custom phone cases, you can promote your company or its products and services, while offering your employees a way to protect this important device. Cases are available for multiple models of iPhones and Android phones. They are built to last, and they will make sure your employees’ and customers’ phones last as well.

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