Proven Ways to increase Male Libido and Testosterone

4 months agoLow libido in men is a very common sign of very low testosterone. Several of the other symptoms of low testosterone include insufficient energy, weight gain, irritable mood and behavior swings, loss of lean muscle mass etc.

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone and a drop in it affects the body of yours in ways more than one. Often, men start dropping testosterone at the rate of 1 1.5 % a year after the age of thirty. Though it is a gradual decline, you can feel the consequences sharply by the precious time you achieve 40.

Thankfully, it’s possible to raise testosterone in your body even without opting for anything as extreme as testosterone replacement therapy. It what is the best testosterone booster (that guy) intriguing to note that doctors don’t recommend testosterone injections in almost all of the cases. This is because artificial testosterone can result in a lot of complications in the body of yours.

Here are some very simple yet effective methods to boost both the libido of yours and testosterone naturally:

1. Lift Some Dumbbells

Trust me, almost nothing works better than a good and strenuous exercise with regards to enhancing testosterone production in your body. If you wish to get a great testosterone boost, you have to hit the gym a minimum of 4-5 days a week.

A massive amount folks think you have to spend hours in the gym to get into the right design. As a question of fact, just about 25-30 minutes of physical exercise is decent enough for you. Not just this, you can also workout the whole body of yours in only ten minutes flat.

Squats, deadlifts as well as lunges are some of the best exercises for increasing testosterone in the body of yours. Don’t forget to include them in your workout.