Lawn Signs

Lawn signs are an effective way of spreading a message to the residents of a community. Whether you are a political party campaigning for your candidate, a real estate agent who just sold a house for more than its asking price, or a roofing company showing off a great job, Saskprint’s lawn signs will help you get word out to the people you are trying to reach. The high-quality printing and vivid colours will ensure that your message is seen by all passing traffic. Weatherproof and durable, the signs are specifically designed for outdoor use. They can withstand wind, rain and shine without doing permanent damage to your lawn.


Looking for a fast and cost-effective way to advertise your service or product? SaskPrint has fully customizable Dibond, Coroplast, Styrene, and Foamcore signs which have the durability and high visibility you need to catch people’s attention as they drive or walk by. You can either customize from scratch or use our available colors, fonts and graphics to quickly make an existing style your own! 

A-frame Signs

A-frame signs are one of the best ways to attract both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. When located strategically on the sidewalk outside your business, they are in the direct line of sight of those on foot while also being hard to miss for those driving by. Durable but lightweight, the signs are easy to move from place to place. Whether you are a restaurant owner advertising a new location, a retailer drawing customers into a store with special promotions, or a manager of a paid parking lot trying to attract motorists, our sturdy, wind-resistant A-frame signs will do the job.

Magnetic Signs

Magnetic signs are a way of getting your message all over town in no time at all. While lettering on vehicles is a great option for those who only use one car to drive around, magnetic signs are perfect for people who drive more than one vehicle. It takes mere seconds to move a magnetic sign from one vehicle to another, or to the other side of the same vehicle to gain maximum exposure while in a parking lot. The signs are durable and weatherproof, and are guaranteed to stay securely on your vehicle until you decide that it is time to move or reposition it.


Lightboxes are a striking way of combining creativity with information. They are a great choice for entertainment venues like movie theatres and music halls, as well as restaurants, hotels and conference facilities. They can be used to create eye-catching displays at art galleries and museums, and for advertising purposes in shopping malls and at bus stops. Unlike traditional signage, lightboxes are designed to be clearly visible in conditions of low lighting, so their usage is almost unlimited. Whether you need a lightbox for advertising, directional signage or show time announcements, Saskprint will help you create a display that will be attractive and easy to see.

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