Testosterone Shots – Benefits as well as Side Effects

There is no way you can take care of your sexual and overall health without maximum testosterone levels in your body. Testosterone is inseparable from men. It is the reason why men what boosts testosterone (urbanmatter.com) they are. The aggressive behavior of yours, sex drive, muscular and lean body etc., are attributes of this predominant male hormone. Not just this, furthermore, it influences the moods levels of yours. Absolutely no wonder, men with low testosterone become irritable and experience mood swings.

Injections or testosterone shots seem to be an easy solution to fight low testosterone levels in your body. It is essential to note that testosterone production in your body starts off slowing down at aproximatelly 1-1.5 % per year once you hit 30 and this results in a lot of behavioral changes and body in males.

Decreased osteoporosis, weaker bones, erectile dysfunction, low libido, fatigue, and energy, mood swings, sleeping difficulties etc., are some of the results and symptoms of low testosterone in your body.

Testosterone shots or injections are able to boost the T-levels of yours very quickly and most males like this quick rush of testosterone. Nevertheless, your T levels begin declining 4-5 days after you’ve had those injections.

Not just this, such injections can be quite painful. In fact, most men report that this pain in the injection filed will last for weeks. There can be many other side effects that include: